Monday, October 28, 2013

baby doll

coat: ebay, dress: the white pepper, garter: creepyyeha, baby doll shoes: jeffrey campbell

wearing this dress again cuz I'm in love with it 


tilly said...

hi, first: i really love your shoes
second: i've been following your blog since i was about 11 and i really love your style however i was not aware that you are a recognised photographer until i saw one of your photos on tumblr just now. You are amazingly talented and i was just wondering how you got that blurred effect on the some of the shots under 'self' because it looks like you've used a film camera or something like that. Did you just jump around as it was being shot or is it double exposure or something? Um yeah, idk im just like an aspiring amateur photographer and i'd really like to know. Also, i know its not really my place but i really hope that you get better with regards to whats under 'positive', you have my love :) from thilde

Maddie said...

thank you so much :) I'm not sure what specific photos you're talking about but yes, to get blur you use a slower exposure time like 1/30th of a second and move in the frame and I do usually use film. It makes me so happy to hear you love my work.

tilly said...

Aw thank you and its ok :)

Riotouslolita said...

love your style! and that coat was really match with your hair color haha. please i want your hair color <3